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Asphalt Crack Sealing and Spraying Machine


Asphalt crack sealing and spraying machine is specially design for road maintenance department. It has not only all functioned of the intelligent asphalt distributor but also the added functions of high-pressure crack sealing. The machine is mainly used for crack sealing on asphalt pavement, water-proof of expansion joint on cement concrete pavement, prime coat, water proof coat and tack coat. It can spray different kinds of asphalt materials, such as hot asphalt, polymer modified asphalt, asphalt emulsion, cutback asphalt.


  • 1
    The tank is divided into two parts: heating tank and storage tank. It only heats up modified asphalt or sealant in heating tank when sealing cracks. It can simultaneously heat up asphalt in heating tank and storage tank when spraying asphalt.
  • 2
    With excellent heating ability: the residue asphalt will not need to back into the asphalt pool after finishing spraying. The 2500 liter of asphalt or 500 liter of sealant can be heated up to required temperature in about 2 hrs.
  • 3
    The machine introduces a new technology of pressure sealing crack which doesn’t need to be slotted during crack sealing. Compared to the traditional crack sealing machine with slotted indispensably, the new one is more efficient and cost saving.
  • 4
    The machine introduces the technology of high-pressure sealing. The sealant will be filled inside the cracks by high pressure. Compared to the traditional sealing technology, the sealant under pressure sealing technology will be filled in depth with good quality and stability.
  • 5
    Equipped with two pieces of crack sealing gun, which may simultaneously carry on the sealing work to improve sealing efficiency
  • 6
    Equipped with a piece of high-pressure air purging gun to clean up the dust hidden inside of cracks.
  • 7
    The crack sealing gun and spraying nozzles are designed with heating function to avoid of any blockage.
  • 8
    The spraying width can be adjusted freely with each nozzle be controlled individually
  • 9
    The unique design of spray nozzles can realize triple-overlapping spray evenly.
  • 10
    All spraying work can be finished in the cab. The asphalt spraying rate will not be affected by truck speed with high precision.
  • 11
    Designed with safe and reliable thermal oil auto-heating system.
  • 12
    The asphalt pump and nozzles are all insulated comprehensively by thermal oil. No cleaning work with diesel oil is needed after spraying.




Asphalt Tank Capacity (L)

Heating  Tank


Emission Standard


Storage Tank


Spraying Width (mm)


Rated Load Capacity (kg)


Spraying Density (kg/m2)

0.3 – 1.4

Total Weight (kg)


Max. Travel Speed (km/h)


Total Mass (kg)


Overall  Dimensions (mm) (L×W×H)



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